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 Vijay Sawnani 


I'm a artist & Photographer. I am a self-taught photographer from Udaipur, currently based in Mumbai.Being an introvert, I found photography as a medium to communicate to the whole world using my imaginative and creative approach towards work. My innate passion for photography made me mould it into a full-time business opportunity.
My journey with the art form began fifteen-years ago without any formal training. My undying passion and undaunted commitment have led me to become one of the best photographers in India today. I specialise in Commercial Photography, Architecture, Hotel & Resort, Industrial, Documentry, Sport, Fashion & Fine Art Photography & Films   
With each image that I create, I aim to produce something which evokes emotion in the viewer– a combination of elements which not only look good but also inspire at the same time. My work is defined by an attentive use of light and colour, two of my favourite things. I love spending time evaluating both before a shoot, planning a lighting setup that creates the exact mood I want the images to convey and colours that enhance the same feeling, all working in harmony with one another.
The outcome is a passionate attention to detail, the most creative approach possible and a reliable and professional service. Above all, it results in strikingly beautiful photographs that portray architecture and environment seamlessly.

Fashion Photography 
Achieved Samsung ibibo (ifashion Photography) in 2009 with Top Five Fashion Photographer in all over India.

Blur Magazine 
Publish fine Art nude photographs in Blur Magazine - Issue - 58 - Matteo Grappi | Italy - January 2017

Fujifilm X photographer

Fujifilm X Photographer - Since 2019 till present. 


Publish Fashion Photography in Figjam Magazine, London, UK - Issue - 01 - RAW BBEAUTY  By Vijay Sawnani | May 06, 2019

By Our Eyes

West zone cultural Centre,

Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur  
March 4 - March 6 - 2010

World Environment Day

Organized by Forest Department, Govt. of Rajasthan , Udaipur 
June 1 - June 5 - 2010

R Kay Mall, Panchwati, Udaipur  
April 6 - April 8 - 2012



Mumbai, India

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